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the Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard

This Past Monday on Monday Night Football the sports casters were blown away by the Pure Power Mouthguard. I believe that about 40 members of the New Orleans Saints football team were fitted for this incredible device. The traditional sportsguard offers protection from tooth fracture and concussion. The PPM does this but because of the way it aligns the lower jaw, it creates a total body alignment that helps balance the body's musculature and allows the athlete to tap into better balance, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. The football announcers could not believe the "moves" that they saw by members of the Saints team.

The different designs make the mouthguard adaptable to just about any sport. Many pro football players, hockey players, baseball players, golfers ... yes golfers, boxers, MMA fighters, soccer players, skiers, cyclists, joggers/runners to name a few, are wearing this device and seeing amazing results.

We have talked about how the Neuromuscular approach to dentistry can help eliminate headaches and many other related symptoms, we now see another application for the neuromuscular bite, and that is the Pure Power MOuthguard. This mouthguard was developed by Dr. Anil Makkar in Truro Nova Scotia and is set to turn the sports-world upside down.

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