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Changing lives ...

In this past 2 weeks I have been emotionally touched by the reactions of two of my patients to cosmetic dental procedures that we have performed.

The first had 8 porcelain veneers placed on her upper front teeth. When she saw the result she cried for joy stating that she "always hated her smile". She finally had the beautiful smile that she had dreamed of having.

The second was about to face a very busy week in important business meetings and had fractured a front tooth almost to the gum line. He was very concerned about how he would be able to greet people and do important presentations looking as he did. Through the miracles of modern dental materials and some artistic input from yours truly, his tooth was rebuilt and he was able to face his week.

Both these encounters were emotional not only for the patients, but also for me. When I saw their reactions to the beautiful dental work, I teared up and had a very emotional response as well. These were two of my most gratifying moments as a dentist. To not only be able to improve the function of a person's dentition, but to be able to create BEAUTIFUL SMILES, and build a person's confidence and self-esteem, .... now that is something wonderful.

We have many people come to our office who have seen shows like EXTREME MAKEOVER and tell us that in their opinion, the single thing that changes a person's appearance and creates a youthful look is when they have the appearance of their teeth improved.